Application Development (Mobile, Web, Desktop)

From the start ESD was primarily using Microsoft’s development platform and continues to do so through ASP.NET, Windows Phone. Also, we have been developing open source coding platforms like PHP, JAVA for which now we house dedicated teams within the company. When it comes to mobile development we have adopted all top platforms as they appeared (and dropped the ones that became obsolete). This open and flexible strategy made us a leading mobile application development company in Bulgaria. Our expertise across these platforms paired with auxiliary, strong teams for HTML/JS/CSS, Flash/Flex, UI/UX and quality assurance can handle just about any type of application development tasks. ESD team enjoy delivering solutions for multiple platforms and devices more than anything.

Enterprise System and Application Development

We are a technology partner for a growing number of enterprise-level clients. ESD's developers are pushing the solutions forward, adapting them to market needs and emerging technological opportunities. Through ESD’s partnerships, our teams have worked both as dedicated, entirely outsourced development units and hand-in-hand with companies’ in-house resources. recovery-and-business-continuity

ESD has a large experience also in infrastructure architecture designing,  building and supporting. In the past years, based on the global treats in the IT industry, ESD has invested resources for designing and implementing disaster recovery and business continuity solutions. This has made us one of the first companies in Bulgaria proposing this as a service.

ESD develops its own solutions with ASP Advanced technology. That technology allows the users to use applications in PayperUse mode. This is saving lot's of different resources avoiding large investments in servers, licensing, maintenance contracts, hosting and software updates and upgrades. The main difference between the traditional ASP mood in which you are charged at a fixed rate for the software system usage in a year. ESD enables the users to pay just for what they use.


Product Development

ESD has its history in developing and marketing it’s own products. That's why we are the wise choice as a software development partner for your product to hit the market on time and in a market-ready state. Our teams know the ins and outs of software product development and the important differences between the software service and software product business. ESD has people who are experienced and excited to be involved in the entire product development lifecycle – from design to market launch and support.