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   European Software Design Ltd. is one of the leading companies in the IT solutions and services market in Bulgaria.
It has been established in 2000 and it is more than 15 years experience in building of business critical solutions for many european companies.
We are proud with well-educated and highly professional employees that had been working during the years.
Our skilled team of Bulgarian IT consultants, enterprise ameetingrchitecture engineers, software designers, software developers and test engineers with a deep experience and knowledge matured in European ICT companies. ESD company is strongly committed to Develop custom and semicustom software applications for large companies in Europe.




ESD’s mission is supplying “state of the art” software applications and developing advanced products choosing the appropriate solution in new technologies and development environments. The goal of the company is always to implement the newest technical innovations. Our experience is based on IT solutConnections_full size_thinkstock_157000866 blog intextions for E-government, ERP systems, secure bank transfers and applications, mobile device payments, private cloud infrastructures, disaster recovery and business continue implementations.