SchoolFood-5957-low-resSolutions to book your meals in schools
The easiest way to combine all services including municipalities, schools and catering companies is our solution. This is done with APP, Web, SMS, POS.
Our proposal to schools is unique and complete, made by edge technologies and products.
ESD 's technology simplifies business processes, offers easy control, constant monitoring and optimizes time employees.
We offer two different modes: Pre-paid and Post-paid.
Our designed software systems for Public Education that manage the charge of all the services offered to Public Amminsitration local citizens.
They also manage how pre-pay and post-pay, coordinating the whole process from booking of meals, invoicing, payments, reminders for charging the catering services provided to students.
Some of them manages a postpay, while the others manages a prepaid payment and both coordinates the whole process of booking of meals to the counts, the issuance of bulletins and invoices, payments, reminders and the related statements.
The system, respectively solve the needs of the early settlement by the municipality and late payments with respect to the a1illustration-56853301dministration of meals to children in schools.
Everything is under control!!!1illustration-56853301
The system requires a connection to Municipality, in order to compleate the students data with:
• meal according to the parents income;
• personalized discounts;
• types of services: meals, before and after school with school bus transportation, library.