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Health-Care-Aide1  Managing the payment of social contributions
The management and control of the social contributions is very heavy and difficult. During that process, there must be complex control on purchases.
Normally the beneficiary an payment contribution is paid by crediting into account, by check or cash, and the citizen can spend it based on their needs.
Unfortunately often the payment contributions are used for purposes other than the true social assistance as in the case of improper purchases.
The goal of the project is to improve the process of delivery of social contributions.
ESD has designed and built an IT solution to manage and support projects for the benefit of citizens.
It is a new method of payment of social security contributions which saves on administrative management of the entire process costs, optimize the time of delivery, limiting purchases of individual citizens, with needs for real social assistance, moving the provision of contributions in the final balance.
It manages the entire process of economic contributions provided by public entities for Social Services, through its
With centralized management the contributions are not always used with all of the available value. That’s why the citizen’s get the possibility to save the rest for a new assignment.
Another savings is given by the personnel management of the process because the administration is carried out by a single operator that assigns rapidly contributions, ensuring the immediate availability on the part of the citizen.