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connectionPayment Gateway
 The systems developed by ESD are offering a complete multi-channel choice for the most suitable method of payment for your personal and business needs.
 To meet the needs of citizens from all age, income, habits, our payment systems, allows payments, depending on the various channels, using cash, debit or credit cards and by all banks and post tools available today.
Payments can be made from operators or cashiers or on devices intended for the purpose, such as ATMs,  Online via PC, Smartphone or Tablet. In this way the system can meet both the needs of the most technological citizens and those users who prefer to make the payment to an individual that records the transaction and issues a receipt or paper trail.
Payment channels are normally available 24 / 7, except for those from operators, to meet the needs of citizens who work and who have always little time during their day.
The fees, if there are any, will vary depending on the channel used and the method of payment. They are designed to minimize costs of the organizations and citizens.